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Matucan Servicios Caninos Madrid

why with matucan

We are specialized in behavioral issues

Our collaboration with one of the biggest shelters in Spain has led us to gain a deep understanding of all sorts of emotional problems, from extreme fears to hyper attachment, to  aggressiveness and problems that derive from stress.  We specialize in shy and fearful dogs. We are able to help them become confident dogs that lead a happy life. Our work is always founded on mutual respect and the latest scientific advances in our field.

We work with a respectful


The foundation of our work is the protocol “Cognitivo-Emocional,” and our results are rooted in knowledge of the bonds formed between humans and dogs, the ethology and behavior of animals, and respect towards dogs. In order to resolve whatever issue you may have, it is not necessary to use any kind of negative method. Rather, we will work on your dog’s strong points, ethologically speaking, in order to give it the necessary tools including security, stability, and self control, in a way that is also respectful and friendly to its needs.

We personalize the working protocol for each dog

Just like us, each dog is a world in and of itself, and the same things don’t work for any two dogs. Dog training and canine psychology are not math. We personalize our methods for each dog and owner depending on the needs of both and their possibilities for doing daily “homework”. We always, of course, maintain some basic behavioral instruction necessary for basic advancement and improvement. We adjust ourselves to any needs and prior engagements in your daily life with your dog.

We work in the whole Community of Madrid with a flexible schedule

We are available to work any day and in any home within the Community of Madrid. We have a totally flexible schedule, moving away from the rigidity of sessions on a specific day,  time, or with a specific frequency. Rather, we always take into account the necessity of working continuously and periodically in order to fix an issue or carry out any sort of training. Of course, if you would prefer a specific frequency for the sessions, we will  work within that framework. All of our services are available in both Spanish and English.

We accompany you through the whole process because we care about what’s most important to you

You won’t only hear from us in the sessions, but we will maintain a weekly follow-up with you and your specific situation, and you will be able to contact us at any moment in order to resolve any issues or doubts that can occur at any time outside our sessions. You can send us as many videos as you desire in order for us to analyze and evaluate the situation together, and to smooth out the work and progress made when we’re not there.

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