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our team

Ricardo Matute

Co-Founder/Training Management

After years of formation at one of the most nationally and internationally recognized dog training schools, I began my professional career as an employee in various companies dedicated to training and educating dogs. After working in these companies for several years, I returned to the school where I received my training, Educan, to become a member of their technical and training team. My combined years of experience and education, alongside my firmly rooted notions of caring and communicating with animals, led me to found Matucan Servicios-Caninos in 2016. Our company specializes in dog training, the emotional issues dogs may have, and educating their owners on what it means to share a life with an animal.

Rachel Kreis

Co-Founder/Commercial & Marketing Management

I worked in the communication and marketing fields in Switzerland for 16 years, the last 10 years of which were spent working for my own company. After living in Spain for 3 years and meeting a variety of professionals dedicated to improving the lives of dogs, I found the perfect way of channeling my work experience in Matucan, by helping to improve the shared lives of dogs and their owners. My job is to develop and carry out the appropriate communication strategy, initiate collaborations to reach dog owners, transfer knowledge and strengthen awareness of the essence of dog behavior: making the world a better place for dogs.

Óscar Roma

Dog Trainer

I came into the world of dog training searching for a solution to the aggressive behavior of a dog that, had I not adopted it, would have been sacrificed at a shelter. I was trained at several of the most important schools in the country, and after much dedication and hard work, I was able to transform my dog into a balanced and happy animal. This in turn reinforced my idea of dedicating my whole self, body and soul, to training dogs, in order to help people and their closest four-legged companions resolve their issues, while maintaining the highest level of respect towards dogs and their unique necessities. Above all, I hope to help both dogs and owners reach a higher quality of life and lead a happier life together.