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education and formation

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Trust and Relation

Trust and communication are the pillars of a good relationship (ask anyone you love). At Matucan we show you how to trust your companion, so that both dog and owner can be happy and enjoy the time they spend together. We are able to achieve this through simple, clear, and honest communication with your dog, which in turns leads to a deeper mutual understanding, and a stronger bond between dogs and their owners.

Respect and Ethology

Our methods of operation are based on maintaining a respectful relationship towards animals, and not reducing care to a system of  reinforcement and punishment. Instead, we analyze the dog's behavior from on an ethological perspective, that is from a perspective based on understanding the animal’s natural behavior. In doing so, we are able to reach better solutions to problems by centering on the dog’s perspective, and not our own.

Love and Passion

Love and a passion for animals is what gave birth to Matucan Servicios-Caninos. Without these two key ingredients, it would be impossible for us to dedicate ourselves fully to something so delicate and tricky as caring for other living beings. Thanks to these two factors, we are able to ensure that our best friends are happier companions, and are able to lead a fulfilling life with us.

Understanding is the first step to improvement

We always seek for you to understand why your dog does the things it does. Dog ethology, in constant advancement and evolution, helps us understand with greater depth what dogs are, how they think, and how they behave. The better we understand dogs, the easier it is to comprehend the reasons behind their behavior and find a clear and simple solution to their possible problems. We not only work with your dog, but we teach you to ‘read’ it, and to understand your dog it in order to improve your relationship together while also bettering your dog as an individual.

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