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Practical Course on Emotional Management by Matucan

Practice gives confidence.

Practices that improve emotional issues found in dogs adopted from shelters (fear, aggressiveness, anxiety). We work with all sorts of dogs, with different diagnoses and severity, in order to manage their various emotional difficulties. It’s a fundamental and practical course aimed at both professionals with a desire to learn or perfect a different working method, and for people in a dog’s environment who wish to increase their knowledge and management capabilities, in order to begin working on these areas.

May/June 2021

Training Course by Matucan

Education, Emotional Rehabilitation and Training

Through the theoretical knowledge that science has brought us and the emphasis on the practical application of this knowledge, we train specialists in respectful, binding, efficient and persistent training. Understanding the training not as a whole but as a very important and essential part that must be included in the relationship towards dogs, both for the direct advantages of doing it (education, standards, correct behavior in society) and for the intrinsic benefits obtained through its realization (self-control, emotional management, bonding, trust, respect).

February/March 2021

Seminars by Matucan

Tools, Treatment and Ethology

Our seminars are part of the general and specific training for owners and professionals of the canine sector in which you can learn to better understand your dog, improve protocols and / or learn new ways of working. We care about the quality and the real use of the knowledge that is acquired, that is why all the seminars have the clear objective to be useful for the day to day work with dogs and useful at home for you to understand and communicate better with your dog.

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