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In-home training

The model citizen

We offer training services that focus on teaching your dog the norms and behavior necessary in everyday life, and especially life spent outside of the home and out on the street. We carry out a training program based on skills necessary for living in the city that is useful, respectful, effective and very fun for you and your companion. The focus of this training program is the social relationship between you and your companion. We offer the possibility of either full training or specific conduct lessons, depending on your preference.

Behavioral problems/ emotional management

Be happy again

Given the high number of dogs among us and the relatively small amount of time we are able to give them, the main sources of conflict and anxiety among dogs and their owners stem from emotional or behavioral problems. We work on all kinds of emotional problems, from the different causes of aggressive behavior to the numerous issues that can arise from stress. We are experts in the recovery and rehabilitation of scared or shy dogs. If you have any of these sorts of issues with your dog, don’t hesitate; give us a call.

Tarifas y Programa de Fidelización

Juntos no hay nada imposible

Nuestro programa de fidelización

Creemos que tus referencias son la mejor y la más honrada publicidad para nuestro trabajo. Queremos agradecerte por recomendar nuestro servicio de educación canina. Por cada nuevo cliente que venga de tu parte tendrás una sesión extra al 50% de tu tarifa o un descuento del 25% en tu próxima excursión o activi- dad de Matucan Servicios-Caninos.

Nuestros tarfias y informaciones del servicios a domicilio para descargar.

Adoption/adapting to new environment

A new life

Our special relationship, based in collaboration, friendship, and extensive experience with one of the biggest dog shelters in the Community of  Madrid has allowed us to deeply understand the needs and primary issues that can, and usually do, exist when we bring a dog into our lives. We have designed a special treatment program to address these sorts of situations so that you and your new companion don’t have any issue starting off on the right foot. We’ll fill you in and give you advice on any topic or question you may have (health, management, family integration, house rules, etc…). This program is especially recommended if it’s your first dog. We’re here for both you and your dog; get in touch.

Matucan in schools

Educación perruna - el perro, un amigo

We are carrying out our mission of creating a world that’s better understands dogs by collaborating with schools. Our goal is to teach children between the ages of 5 and 10 how to relate to dogs from a basis of respect, empathy, and knowledge, in a format that is very didactic and fun for them. We impart basic rules they must know in order to deal with dogs. In doing so, we help create greater awareness about how dogs are, and how one can live alongside them in the best way possible, from a very young age.

Matucan in dog shelters

That every dog has a real chance to find a new home

Our personal and professional relationship with one of the most prominent dog shelters in Madrid has allowed us to understand the priorities and primary necessities of animal welfare organizations. Our work as volunteers, our classes for adopting families, volunteers and employees of dog shelters and welfare organizations; our consultancy work and help offered to address every aspect of new adoptions, the emotional wellbeing of dogs, their protection and the enrichment of their environment–all our work is oriented towards reaching a better understanding of these marvelous animals and raising awareness about pet adoption. Finding more help for these associations and conceiving of them as places for short-term stays, not long-term residences, until a happy and permanent house is found, is our notion of a better world.