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Excursions with the Matucan-Family

Fun, relax, play and a bit of education.

In addition to all the teachings you can give him, spending leisure time with your partner is something that both of you want and that has only benefits. We take regular nature trips with other members of the large Matucan family to relax, have fun and enjoy a free day in the countryside together, which we all deserve. You can join our family on any of the excursions, you will love it!

September, 19 Rascafría

Camp Matucan

The nose, the great unknown

Environmental enrichment, stress management or new forms of entertainment are concepts that many of us have discovered during confinement. Knowing olfactory games has become a necessity as an essential source to give the right balance to our dogs.
In “The nose, the great unknown” you will learn many forms of playing using his nose, because using their nose is essential for their well-being.

Camp Matucan

Puppy Masterclass

The arrival of a puppy in the family brings a lot of joy, but also hassle and responsibility. Join our masterclass and learn how to educate him from the very beginning. It will be a party, they will play a lot with other puppies and we will teach you how to spend these first months of the new "living together" in the best way. How to socialize properly, the education of a puppy with basic rules of coexistence and the beginning of training in a fun and positive way.

Workshops Matucan

"When confidence is high, communication is easy, instantaneous and effective." (Stephen R. Covey, writer)

Our workshops have the purpose of, in addition to educating, training and having fun with our dogs; give knowledge and understanding of how dogs interact with us and the environment. Joining one of our workshops regardless of whether you see any problem in your partner, is an experience that you will not regret and will help you understand each other a lot and have fun together.

More workshops at the end of the year!